School Mental Health Programme & Curriculum2020-01-27T10:42:25+00:00

Mental health is integral to an adolescent’s healthy development, influencing academic performance, school readiness, capacity to learn, social competence and life-long health. Unmet mental health needs can impede adolescents’ ability to achieve their full potential and increase their risk for an array of negative life outcomes.

The current project undertaken by OneKeyCare (OKC) in collaboration with the state education department of Haryana, targets at the school students from standard 6th to 12th, to increase awareness about mental health and promote holistic well being by conducting workshops, integrated as a part of the curriculum, that caters to the current concerns of the adolescents, like bullying, dealing with influence of social media, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies due to extensive pressure of academics, etc.

The curriculum includes engaging interactive activities and sessions in which students are encouraged to participate in discussions, ask queries and write their concerns, by providing them with open and safe space. The feedbacks, thus, given by the students act as a medium to understand and bridge the gap between the existing perspectives and misconceptions. The effort is to maximize the awareness by providing appropriate and reliable information and reduce the myths which hinder them to seek professional help for their concerns.

Onekeycare(OKC) through its curriculum endeavours to develop resilience and emotional wellbeing in children thereby enhancing their skills to deal with daily stressors. We believe that positive thinking and enhanced psychological competencies enable a child to become happier and more satisfied.