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OneKeyCare is a start-up venture dedicated to using technology and processes to improve service delivery and outcomes in the social sector. Our expertise lies in understanding the barriers that prevent the availability and effectiveness of services to the underprivileged, needy and the neglected sections of the population. We create innovative technology platforms that address these challenges and bridge the divide by creating an enabler that matches the supply and demand for such services.

OKC firmly believes that technology is the only way forward to bring in a healthier and more aware society in Least Developed Countries (LDCs). OKC wishes to position itself into the forefront of promoting technology-based interventions on the larger issues of education, skilling, building awareness and health- both mental and physical.

Meet Our Team

Kushal Banerjee
Kushal BanerjeeFounder Director
An IIM-Bangalore Post Graduate. Kushal has over 35 years of experience in project management and propagation of technology and technology based products and services. Former MD of Serco Global Services and MD & CEO of iServ, Kushal has held board level positions in various companies in India and abroad. He has successfully setup three companies from scratch.
Shuchi Goel
Shuchi GoelChief Psychologist
Shuchi has acquired her Masters degree in Psychology. And she has been involved in conceptualizing and delivering creative interventions that help widen the accessibility and scope of mental health services for individuals and groups. Her role also includes handling the development of mental health related training modules and its delivery on behalf of the organisation.
Lokesh JaiswalConsulting Technical Architect
Alumnus of DCE, Serial Technology Entrepreneur. Former CTO of XSEED Education, Head, Technology & Products at iProf Learning Solutions, CTO FC Technologies. Lokesh provides us with inputs in technical architecture.
Sumeet Singh
Sumeet SinghFounder Director
A Social entrepreneur, who co-founded two startups in the technology sector, one of which was inducted in the Smart-City Initiative Program. He has worked as a consultant to The Govt. of India, The World Bank, UNESCO, DFID and various state governments in the infrastructure advisory space including healthcare.
Abhilash Kumar
Abhilash KumarTech Lead
An experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He is Skilled in J2EE, Spring Boot, Amazon Web Services, Core Php, Web Applications & RESTful Web Services. He has a strong engineering professional background with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) focused on Computer Science from RGTU, BHOPAL. And has been at the forefront of creating OKC’s different platforms.
Ritika BudhirajaConsulting Clinical Psychologist
Ritika is RCI registered psychologist, formerly she has worked with Batra Hospital, Air Force CME, Delhi Psychiatry Center. Experienced in devising social and emotional curriculum for schools as well as manuals for parents. She provides subject matter expertise to OKC.