Postpartum Depression

Project PPD

Stepped Care Intervention for Postpartum Depression in Rural India

OKC participated in a global challenge hosted by Grand Challenges Canada and was selected to carry out their project on STEPPED CARE INTERVENTION FOR POST PARTUM DEPRESSION IN RURAL INDIA. As part of this Grand Challenges funded project OKC will develop and test out a mobile phone based application and backend management platform for screening, management and delivery of intervention services for post-partum depression. The app and platform will be tested by doing a pilot in rural India but will be designed for use all across the developing word to improve the quality of life of women and children.

Mental health is a taboo in many rural societies of the lesser developed world (particularly India). However, these need to be identified and appropriate interventions need to be rolled out so that they do not affect the general wellbeing, health and wellness of mothers and children. Mothers and children are the backbone of any nation’s future. The PPD project is just a start towards developing a technology based solution that bridges the digital divide, closes the gap between the availability of resources and the demand and allows Governments and Civil Societies to carry out intervention programs. While the start has been made using the more simpler PPD intervention, the ethos behind the entire designing and architecting of the solution is to create a language neutral, culture neutral larger mental health intervention platform.

OKC firmly believes that technology is the only way forward to bring in a healthier society in LDCs. While a lot of work is being done on physical health, the area of mental health is largely neglected. OKC wishes to position itself into the forefront of promoting technology based interventions on the larger issues of health both mental and physical.

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