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Project HIV-AIDS

An innovative and comprehensive approach to fight HIV and AIDS by engaging directly with the communities, especially the youths via gaming platform providing knowledge and awareness technologically.

OKC participated in a Grand Challenge asking for innovative solutions to reach out to the “unreached” digital audience to spread awareness about HIV-AIDS. The Grand Challenges were floated as part of the Linkages program which has US-AID, The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), FHI 360 and National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) as the participating organisations. OKC’s innovation on using instant gratification-based gaming techniques to provide behavioural change communication on dating sites was one of the winning entries.

As part of this project, OKC will be developing a series of interactive games that will engage the dating app user and convey the relevant messages. Key themes being targeted are safe behaviour, prevention of social stigmas, the lack of sex education, gender inequality and the importance of testing. Numerous researchers have established that instant gratification based gamification has shown remarkable results in behaviour change. OKC‘s plans are to build on these foundations and roll out a series of games that may educate and help young people access HIV information and also serve to reduce HIV-related social stigmas.

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