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Anxiety and Depression in Adolescent

Early Detection of Anxiety and Depression

Amongst students in Government Schools in Pre-urban areas of a large state government

OneKeyCare (OKC) carried out a pilot under the supervision and guidance of the National Mental Health Mission for a large State Government to screen nearly 35,000 school children studying in Government Schools in pre-urban areas between the ages of 9 and 16 for possible signs of anxiety and depression. The study was aimed to understand the occurrence of “at risk cases” and then design an appropriate protocol to help them by providing timely counselling and interventions aimed at reducing any further deterioration of the situation.

OKC used the Hindi version of PRIME MD – PHQ questionnaire which was administered through volunteers to nearly 35,000 government school children between the ages of 9 and 16. The answers were digitized and analysed using an algorithm to detect signs of anxiety and depression. The construct of the project was that in the event of the study revealing a significant number of such cases, and an appropriate preventive intervention using the good offices of the National Mental Health Mission would be rolled out.

Indian school network serves as a crucial public health network for over 300 million students and 10 million teachers.  OKC collaborates with schools to provide parents, students and the school staff (teachers, administrators, school’s social workers, caregivers) timely and wholesome feedback on physical and mental health.

We aim to promote healthy social, emotional, and behavioural development of youth.

OKC integrates technology and on ground services to create an informed and empowered eco-system of parents, school authorities and medical professionals by creating a link between contemporary technology and on ground service delivery.

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